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Similar in design to the M3, the Coleman Audio TB4M provides facilities to act as the control room monitor source selector & adds a host of features making it a studio communications control module as well. The control room signal path is completely passive, with a four gang stepped attenuator, that tracks within ±.05dB. The TB4M includes an independent cue & talkback system with independent level controls, a mono sum, selectable headphone monitoring, microphone & remote switching.

The Features

-Four balanced stereo inputs on XLRs

-Two Balanced stereo outputs on XLRs

-Stepped level control that tracks to ±.05 dB

-A mono sum to check phase

-Engineer's headphone output with level control

-Stereo cue inputs & outputs on ¼" jacks

-Cue source selector and master level control

-Talkback interrupt switch and level control

-Slate output to ID tracks

-Remote talkback Control Jack

-Talkback mic with 12 foot cable

Coleman Audio TB4M Daw Communication Module

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  • Coleman Audio TB4M
  • Coleman Audio TB4M Daw Communication Module
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