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The elysia karacter is a two channel analog saturatoris a deceptively flexible and unique stereo saturator designed to elevate your mixing and mastering sessions to a new level of creativity.


Featuring numerous functions that will make professional and prosumer engineers do a double take, the karacter comes with easy to program signal coloration ranging from subtle saturation to utter destruction, stepped pots with 41-steps each, and discrete Class-A electronics just to name a few.


Signals can be processed as either separate mono channels or one stereo channel, while the integrated M/S matrix allows the karacter to process the middle and sides of a stereo signal separately, imparting thick color to the center while leaving the sides of the stereo field intact, or the other way around and anything in between. External control voltages, such as those generated by analog synthesizers and sequencers, can be used to automatically modulate the drive and mix parameters for truly endless possibilities. Whether looking for a powerful rack-mounted processor to color your mixes or something truly different from the norm, the elysia karacter provides beaucoup saturation.

Class-A Electronics

The karacter features high-quality, Class-A topology for its discrete electronics, resulting in minimal distortion and zero turn-on time. This provides a very low noise floor and ensures high-quality sound, even when massive distortion is applied to the signal. The unit's PCB even comes with a special sixth layer dedicated to acting as a ground shield, avoiding any unwanted noise interference. Every unit is rigorously tested and calibrated to the highest standard using in-house, computer-aided testing devices, and custom tools.

Fistful of Saturation, with karacter

At the heart of the karacter are a series of circuits designed to add color to your signal through separate saturation, distortion, and destruction functions. The saturation circuit adds unobtrusive thickness and coloration to your music through the application of symmetrical clipping on the uneven harmonics. By switching on the FET shred button (indicated by an LED light), the clipping changes to an asymmetrical scheme, which imparts musical, tube-style drive to the even harmonics. To take things further, simply press the turbo boost button and the distortion circuitry will shift its operating point resulting in an even more asymmetrical signal structure. This setting is great for truly mangled samples, industrial-style distortion, and brutal guitar sounds.

Stereo Linking and M/S Matrix

With dedicated left and right inputs and outputs (with both XLR and 1/4" jacks), the karacter is able to operate either as two mono processors or linked for a true stereo device, making it as comfortable processing a single track as it is for an entire mix. Two extra 1/4" outputs are also offered for extra routing options. A unique M/S matrix is also available in both mono and stereo link modes, allowing for a completely internal reproduction of stereo microphoning. A dedicated M/S encoder and decoder allow you to process the "sides" and "middle" of a stereo signal separately, creating interesting opportunities such as applying high saturation to the middle while leaving the sides completely untouched, or the other way around and anything else in between.

Supreme Control

The karacter features four stepped potentiometers per channel (drive, color, gain, wet/dry mix) with 41-steps each and the ability to easily recall precise settings instantly. These professional-quality pots are complemented by four push buttons per channel, which allow for channel activation/hardwire bypass, FET shred mode (distortion), turbo boost (destruction), and stereo link respectively.

Control Voltage

The drive and mix parameters can be modulated or automated with an external control voltage from any analog synthesizer or hardware unit capable of transmitting standard CV signals. Fed through the karacter's EXT1 and EXT2 inputs, numerous creative, automation driven sounds are possible. When the karacter is set to stereo link mode, both of its channels will be controlled by the signals present at EXT1.

Color Filter

Rather than adding a common roll-off filter, elysia chose to add a unique, complex filter network controlled by a single knob. This color filter is more flexible and deeply integrated into the saturation circuits than many other processors, and alters the essential THD generation rather than changing the frequency response. This provides a wide range of coloring options and several useful sweet spots ranging from dubby growl to steely punch.

The Specs

Frequency response

100% Dry: <10Hz– 400 kHz (-3dB) 100% Wet: <10 Hz – 27 kHz (-3 dB)


100 % Dry @ 0 dBu: 0.013% @ +10 dBu: 0.024 %


100 % Wet (in Saturation Mode) @ 0 dBu Min Drive: 0.47 % @ 0 dBu Max Drive: 35.1 %

Noise floor

20 Hz – 20 kHz (A-weighted) 100% Dry: -91 dBu 100% Wet (depending on Drive/Gain. -81 to -91 dBu

Dynamic range

20 Hz – 22 kHz: 112 dB

Maximum level

Input: +21 dBu Output: +21 dBu


Input: 10 kOhm Output: 68 Ohm


19″x 1.75″ x8.6″ 482 x 44,45 x 220mm


4 lbs 1,8 kg

elysia karacter Dual-Channel Analog Saturation/Distortion/Tonal-Color Generato

  • elysia karacter Dual-Channel Analog Saturation/Distortion/Tonal-Color Generator
  • The elysia karacter is a two channel analog saturator is a deceptively flexible and unique stereo saturator designed to elevate your mixing and mastering sessions to a new level of creativity.
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