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The JoeCo BBR1U BlackBox Recorder is a large-scale multi-channel recorder specifically designed for audio acquisition and capturing live performance. Developed to solve the inherent problems of working with computer-based systems in a live environment, it provides engineers with a computer-free, high-quality solution for live multi-channel audio capture.

Able to record or replay up to 24 channels of 24bit/96kHz audio, the BlackBox BBR1 Recorder is available in both analogue and digital variants, offering a choice of professional interfaces to any live mixing console. Units can be linked for a recording involving larger track counts.

Audio is recorded as mono broadcast WAV files to an external USB 2.0 drive or USB 2.0 Flash drive. The implementation of JoeCo's iXML plugin additionally enables PolyWAV files to be recorded. Using universally accepted file and disk formats on external storage solutions has many advantages when used in the field or on tour. It also eliminates the time normally required to load recordings into a workstation for subsequent mixing and re-purposing, which is a crucial factor in fast turnaround productions. Recorded files can be instantly imported into any Mac- or PC-based Digital Audio Workstation for editing, remixing and re-purposing.

The BlackBox BBR1 Recorder is designed to be supremely simple to use, requiring just the input and output connections, power and a USB drive before pressing the RECORD button. A full color LCD screen and striking LED displays show all the information that's needed in order to know exactly what's happening. The recorder can be remotely controlled and monitored via JoeCoRemote for iPad. Recordings can be named using either JoeCoRemote or a standard computer keyboard. The unit is also equipped with a range of fail-safe features to keep recordings as secure as possible, including the ability to recover files should power fail during a recording.

The BlackBox BBR1 Recorder has a wide range of applications in Live Performance, Broadcast, Film & TV Sound and Post Production. An additional software add-on turns the recorder into a BlackBox Player, enabling synchronous or instant playback of audio material for various applications.

The BlackBox Recorder with Unbalanced I/O is designed to plug across the insert points of a standard analogue mixing console via three 25-way female D-type connectors on the rear of the unit. Three 1/4-inch TRS terminated multicore looms are supplied for connecting the BBR to the console (TASCAM analogue format). Inside the unit, relays route the audio signal from input to output in all modes except during playback. This provides an additional level of safety so that in the event of a power failure on the BBR, the audio through the PA will not be affected. In this model, eight insert returns are also brought out to TRS jacks on the rear of the unit, allowing additional outboard equipment to be plugged into insert points as required.

JoeCo BBR1U Unbalanced Multi-Track Blackbox Recorder

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  • JoeCo BBR1U Unbalanced Multi-Track Blackbox Recorder
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