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The LaChapell 583E is a tube mic pre with EQ that works with any 500 series chassis. The 583E tube mic pre has an EQ section that can function in series with the preamp or independently as a preamp and an EQ. The 583E tube mic pre features a single channel vacuum tube preamplifier with LaChapell’s proprietary TrueTube™ technology. TrueTube delivers 250V to the tube, properly powering it so that it operates at its full potential. Most other tube designs for the 500 series leave the tube starved for power. Cinemag input transformers, Jensen output transformers and other high quality components have been carefully selected to ensure the signal chain is not compromised.
In addition to the preamp, the 583E features an ultra-clean EQ section. It can follow the preamp or operate as a separate module. Address either of the two XLR inputs on a 500 series chassis to access either the preamp or the EQ or both in series.
The EQ draws from the LaChapell 503 500 series module. It features the same very low distortion signature with minimal phase deviation. Perfect for tracking or mixing, the 583E tube mic pre with EQ is great on any source.

LaChapell 583E Vaccuum Tube Preamp with EQ

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  • LaChappell 583E
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