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The world’s first vacuum tube mic preamp in a 500 series module! It is still the only 500 series module to properly power the tube with 250V of TrueTube™ technology. We do not starve the tube of voltages in any way unlike most 500 series tube designs. You can even max out a rack with 583 units with no power or heat issues.
Every component on the LaChapell 583S MK2 was carefully selected for sonic perfection from the Cinemag input transformer to the Jensen output transformer.
With dual drive knobs to separately drive the input and output, the 583S provides total flexibility to explore a broad sonic palette enhancing its versatility for all of your recordings. Leaning on the input stage, the 583S MK2 delivers vintage style tube warmth. The more you drive the input, the more harmonics are introduced. Backing off on the input but increasing the output results in gorgeous clean tones with some weight provided by the Cinemag and Jensens transformers.
An essential 500 series module for the modern professional and project recording studio!

LaChapell 583mk2 Vacuum Tube Mic Pre

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  • LaChappell 583Mk2
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