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The LaChapell 983S MK2 is a two channel tube mic pre featuring the innovative True48™ dynamic phantom power supply. True48 improves the performance of your condenser mics. Current 48V supplies dip in voltage as the source load changes (such as periods of high transients on many mics). True48 evens out the voltage supply, giving mics greater headroom, quicker transient recovery and a smoother less distorted response.
Each channel on the LaChapell 983S MK2 features a input transformer, an ECC83/12AX7 vacuum tube, output transformer and Burr Brown & THAT Corporation line drivers. Each component in signal path is of the highest quality, carefully selected to sound beautiful and last long.
This mic pre is capable of stunning clean tones and harmonically rich driven tones. Exceptional on nearly any source, the 983S MK2 features high and low pass filters with selectable roll-off frequencies, channel mute, front panel Hi-Z input, pad and polarity switches.

LaChapell 983S mk2 Tube Mic Preamp

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  • LaChappell 983SMk2
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