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Giving you the ability to connect their iOxmount smart device mount to a microphone stand already in use, the iOxboom Smart Device Mount from Latch Lake consists of their iOxmount magnetic mount and an 18" Xtra Boom attachable boom arm. By placing one of the included steel stickers on the back on your smart device (or smart device's case), you can attach it directly to the iOxmount for flexible placement of your phone or tablet in a live setting. The Xtra Boom clamps to any 5/8"-27 or 1 & 3/16" stand, so you can attach it to a stand already in use, minimizing clutter on stage or in the studio.


The Features

iOxmount & 18" Xtra Boom

For Mounting Smart Devices to Mic Stands

Xtra Boom Connects to Existing Mic Stand

Steel Sticker Attaches to Device or Case

Magnet Core Positions Anywhere on Ball


Latch Lake iOxboom Smart Device Mount

  • Latch Lake iOxboom
  • Smart Device Mic Stand Mount
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