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Providing a future-proof method of mounting your smart device to a microphone stand, the iOxmount Smart Device Mount from Latch Lake consists of the iOball steel ball attachment, the iOcore magnet, and 2 steel stickers that can be placed on the back of your device or your device's case. Since you connect your smart phone or tablet to the iOxmount with a magnetic steel sticker system, when you upgrade or replace your device, you just need to apply a new steel sticker (available separately) to your new device for compatibility with the iOxmount.

The iOcore magnetic core can be positioned anywhere on the iOball, for flexibility in placement while in use. The iOball itself has a 5/8"-27 thread and can be attached to any microphone stand with that threading. 2 steel stickers are included, allowing you to set up multiple devices.

The Features

For Mounting Smart Devices to Mic Stands

Steel Stickers Attach to Device or Case

Steel Ball Attachment

Magnet Core Positions Anywhere on Ball

5/8"-27 Thread

Includes 2 Steel Stickers


Latch Lake iOxmount Smart Device Mount

  • Latch Lake iOxmount Smart Device Mount
  • Smart Device Mount
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