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Proven to be the industry's most trusted stands, the entire micKing® product line is truly built to last and most importantly, keep your most valuable microphones safe. With the micKing's unique flexible strength they enable the opportunity to place a microphone just about anywhere with confidence that it will stay in place. With great strength comes ease of use, every adjustment point on a micKing can be quickly repositioned via a simple cam Lever Lock. These Lever Locks feature variable tension to allow for a range of hold from very loose to extremely strong.


The micKing 3300 Straight Microphone Stand from Latch Lake is a weighted stand that provides 48 to 124" of adjustable height over three sections. It features Latch Lake Lever Locks for fast adjustments in height. The stand has integrated wheels in its base for easy transport. 

Latch Lake micKing 3300 Straight Microphone Stand

  • Latch Lake micKing 3300 Straight Microphone Stand
  • The world's strongest microphone stand.
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