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The Spin Grip Mic Mount from Latch Lake is the same microphone mount that can be found on their micKing 3300 microphone stands, and features a 3" lockable disc brake to hold your heavy mics in place. Additionally, the mount has a positionable range of 270, allowing for precise and secure mic placement. Thanks to its free-spinning thread system, you can screw the mount into your mic clip or spider mount, not the other way around, protecting vintage or delicate mics. It features a 5/8"-27 thread, and includes a thread extender.

The Features

Same Mount on micKing 3300 Stand

Positionable Range of 270

3" Disc Brake

Free-Spinning Thread System

5/8"-27 Thread

Includes Thread Extender


Latch Lake Spin Grip Mic Mount

  • Latch Lake Spin Grip Mic Mount
  • Spin grip mic mount featuring a positionable range of 295º with 3" disk break capable of locking the heaviest of microphones in place
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