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Allowing you to set up multiple microphones or stand-mounted accessories on a single stand, the 18" Xtra Boom Attachable Boom Arm from Latch Lake clamps right onto your existing mic stands and features a lever lock system that allows you to adjust its extension, orientation, and spin for precise placement. It will attach to any stand between 5/8" and 1 & 3/8", and can be used for any number of applications requiring multiple mics in tight real estate, such as miking drum kits, guitar amps, and more. A Latch Lake Jam Nut is included.

The Features

Mount Multiple Mics to 1 Stand

Attaches to Any 5/8" to 1 & 3/16" Stand

Clamping Attachment

Lever Lock System

Adjust Extension, Orientation, & Spin

Includes Jam Nut


Latch Lake Xtra Boom Attachable Boom Arm (18")

  • Latch Lake Xtra
  • Attachable Boom Arm
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