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A dedicated, no-compromise kick drum condenser microphone that handles a staggering 155 dB.

The BDM-01 is a dedicated bass drum microphone that is as equally at home in the studio as on the road. It has been designed in every detail to handle the sound pressure level and specific sonic qualities of the bass drum. The high-end condenser capsule provides excellent attack and HF response, and the frequency curve has been tailored for that perfect bass drum sound. The dynamic range, sensitivity and pop filters are also optimised for the sound and power of the bass drum.


The heart of the microphone is Milab’s handcrafted 21 mm condenser capsule that captures the true sound of the drum with a fullness and attention to detail that is simply superior to a typical dynamic microphone alternative.



3127 stand holder

3402 windscreen

- Individual frequency graph

Milab BDM-01 Kick Drum Condenser

  • Milab BDM-01
  • Kick Drum Condenser
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