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Step on the Morely 20/20 Classic Switchless Wah Pedal and treat your instrument to classic wah tone. The pedal uses a switchless optical design that ensures smooth engagement and won’t get scratchy or wear out like potentiometer-controlled pedals. The black pedal with glow-in-the-dark treadle rubber and logo is constructed with a durable gig-ready cold-rolled-steel housing and is powered by a single 9V battery or Morley 9V adapter (both available separately).


All Morley 20/20 pedals come equipped with a buffered circuit. This circuit prevents volume loss or tone changes to the instrument's original signal. It also provides for a stronger signal, allowing you to use longer cables or pedalboards with several pedals and connection cables.

Morley 20/20 Classic Switchless Wah Pedal

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