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The Morely 20/20 Wha Lock Pedal offers two wha modes and a lock function, so you can set the wha in place for use as a tone filter. The orange pedal with glow-in-the-dark logos is constructed with durable gig-ready cold-rolled steel housing and is powered by a single 9V battery or Morley 9V adapter (both available separately).


For a deeper, vocal tone, use the Whoa mode, which shifts the envelope to add gritty vocal-like overtones—especially effective on horns and bass guitar. The Wha Lock uses an independent optical circuit to simulate the parked wha and is available in both Whoa and Wha modes. Use the Notch knob to dial in the frequency of the filter and add up to 20 dB of gain with the Loud knob.


The Features

Switchless optical wah with three wah modes: Wah, Whoa, and Wah Lock.

20 dB Boost is functional in all three Wah modes.

Wah is set for standard Morley Wah Tone, Whoa is exaggerated Wah Tone with gritty vocal-like overtones, and Wah Lock emulates a fixed-position Wah.

Notch knob dials in the frequency.

Wah Lock works with both Wah and Whoa modes.

Silent switching to prevent pops and noise.

Custom MQ2 inductor is resistant to EMF and provides a smooth audio taper.

Powered by one 9-volt battery or optional Morley 9V adapter (both available separately); compatible with most 9V adapters.

Quick-clip battery door allows easy access to battery compartment.

20/20 Buffer and Optical Circuitry

All Morley 20/20 pedals come equipped with a buffer circuit. This circuit prevents volume loss or tone change to the instrument. It also allows the use of long cables or pedal boards with lots of pedals and connection cables.

Optical design ensures smooth pedal control of wah, volume, and/or switching, so it won’t get scratchy and wear out like pedals with potentiometers (pots).

Morley 20/20 Wah Lock Pedal

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