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Designed to address the needs of the professional audio community, the iLok3 from PACE is a portable, convenient, hassle-free USB software authorization key for storing multiple software authorizations.


A single key can hold authorizations from multiple developers and is cross-platform compatible. This 3rd-generation product has a more compact form and allows the user to insert iLoks side by side in adjacent USB ports. It is stronger, more durable, and holds three times the licenses when compared to iLok2.

iLok makes it easy to move authorizations from one computer to another, whether at home, the office, the studio, or a friend's house

Capable of storing all iLok-enabled software authorizations on a single key, regardless of publisher
Immune to upgrades, disk maintenance, or hardware and software failuresWorks on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems, with the ability to have licenses for both platforms stored on the same iLok

PACE Anti-Piracy iLok3 3rd-Generation USB Software Authorization Key

  • iLok (Third Generation)
  • USB Key Software Authorization Device
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