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The cardioid version of the 22-family has been the best-selling Pearl model for years. It offers detailed and transparent reproduction in a sleek design.


Compact and well built, the Pearl 22 series are outstanding condenser microphones constructed around the 2800 rectangular capsule and a low-noise amplifier. There are currently three different versions, the cardioid CC 22, the bi-directional CB 22 and the omni-directional CO 22. 


The detailed transient reproduction and smooth off-axis response makes the 22 series an excellent choice for orchestral and choral recordings, but it is just as perfect for other transient-rich sources, such as acoustic guitar or piano.


With its crisp, natural sound and extended highs, the cardioid CC 22 is arguably the most applicable model of the three. It will act as a strong foundation for any microphone collection.The CC 22 is finished in piano black ED lacquer with a golden logo, ring and engraved model number.


The Features

  • Rectangular capsule cardioid microphone
  • Flat frequency response
  • Cardioid polar characteristics
  • Finished in piano black ED lacquer
  • Yellow logo, ring and engraved model number
  • Can be used in an MS Stereo setup


The Specs

  • Polar Pattern - Cardioid
  • Sensitivity - 18mV/Pa
  • Frequency Response - 20 Hz - 25 kHz
  • Impedance - 100 ohms
  • Operating Voltage - 48 volts
  • Rec. Load Imp - 1 k ohm
  • Current Consumption - 2.3 mA
  • Self Noise - 12 dBA
  • Max. SPL - 126 dB
  • Connector - 3-pin XLR
  • Dimensions - 150 x ø32 mm/28mm
  • Weight - 270 g



  • Wooden box
  • Microphone shockmount 1930
  • Individual frequency chart


Pearl Microphones CC 22

  • Pearl Microphones CC 22
  • Pearl's most popular microphone, is designed for Studio and Live applications.
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