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The PreSonus AVB-D16 is a plug-and-play network bridge for AVB and Dante. The device allows you to send and receive up to 16 audio channels between AVB and Dante networks, making it a great solution to connect a StudioLive Series III AVB ecosystem to your favorite Dante-equipped products like the PreSonus CDL-12 constant directivity loudspeaker.

The built-in asynchronous sample rate conversion ensures that the AVB-D16 provides precision clock isolation between your AVB and Dante networks for clear, pristine audio with no dropouts or artifacts. You can also run different sample rates on the AVB and Dante networks, and multiple units can be used simultaneously for expanding your channel count.


The rear panel sports a single AVB etherCON connector, two Dante etherCON (Primary and Secondary) connectors, as well as the 12 VDC power input. The front panel features a reset button and indicators for power, AVB sync, and link/activity.

The Features

16 x 16 AVB

16 x 16 Dante

Asynchronous sample-rate conversion

Precision clock isolation

1 AVB port on locking etherCON

2 Dante ports on etherCON

Use multiple AVB-D16 AVB-to-Dante bridges to add more channels

Network Link/Activity indicators

Support for 44.1 and 48 kHz (AVB and Dante)

Support for 88.2 and 96 kHz (Dante)

Rugged metal chassis

PreSonus AVB-D 16 AVB-to-Dante Bridge

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  • PreSonus AVB-D 16 AVB-to-Dante Bridge
  • ThePreSonus AVB-D16is a plug-and-play network bridge for AVB and Dante.
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