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Designed for live sound reinforcement, live recording, and studio recording applications, the PreSonus StudioLive 32SC is a Series III S 32-channel digital console, recorder, and audio interface in a subcompact, rack-mountable frame.


The mixer features an integrated hardware and software system with a full-color touchscreen, 17 touch-sensitive, motorized faders, and 16 recallable XMAX preamps. The powerful dual-core FLEX DSP engine supercharges the mixer with Fat Channel vintage-style EQs and compressors on every channel, plus a four-slot FLEX FX processor that can run heralded digital reverbs and delays. Streamline your workflow with recallable scene presets, virtual sound check, and the supplied software library, which empowers you with remote control from a computer or iPad, remote monitor mixing using a mobile device, and all the software you need to track, edit, mix, and distribute your music.The StudioLive 32SC boasts eight XLR mic inputs and eight mic/line inputs via XLR-1/4" combo jacks. Additional inputs include four 1/4" aux inputs and a dedicated XLR talkback mic input with phantom power. The mixer provides a balanced XLR mono output, stereo XLR main outputs, 10 analog FlexMix outputs (six XLR, four 1/4" TRS), a pair of 1/4" monitor outputs, and a 1/4" headphone port. A digital AES/EBU output of the main mix is available via a rear-panel XLR socket.


Additionally, unbalanced stereo RCA tape inputs and outputs are on hand to hookup a house music source and a separate stereo recorder. Record 32 channels and the main stereo mix to a Class 10 U3 SD card (available separately) via the onboard 34-track SD recorder, or stream 128 channels (64 in each direction) over USB 2.0 to and from your computer. You can even record redundantly to an SD card and a USB host computer at the same time. Take advantage of the StudioLive 32SC's built-in AVB networking capabilities for flexible system expansion, digital patching between networked devices, and more.

The Features

40 mixing channels

26 buses

16 recallable XMAX preamps viaeight XLR inputs and eight XLR-1/4" combo inputs

17 touch-sensitive motorized faders

Fixed input layer Fat Channel

Dual-core FLEX DSP mix engine

286 processors in various form factors

-Rack-mountable, road-ready frame

Mixing Features

Expandable plug-in processing with ten vintage EQ and classic compression options on every input channel and bus

Input delay, high-pass filter, gate, compressor, limiter, and parametric 4-band EQ per input channel

High-pass filter, compressor, limiter, output delay, and parametric 6-band EQ per bus

FLEX FX multi-effects processor with four slots to load legendary reverb emulations and delays with four dedicated effects buses

16 FlexMixes (aux mixes, subgroups, or matrix mixes) with six XLR and four 1/4" TRS mix output jacks

Four static subgroup buses and four designated effects buses

24 DCAs to control groups of channels

True virtual soundcheck simplifies mix configuration

Enhanced scene management with scenes organized into projects, scene lock, and channel safe

Password-protected user profiles enable restricting access to specific features

Channel scribble strips and input metering

Audio Networking

Built-in AVB networking allows the creation of a complete ecosystem with -PreSonus NSB stage boxes, EarMix 16M personal monitor mixers, and the SW5E AVB switch (all available separately)

Connect NSB-series stage boxes to add remote analog inputs and outputs wherever required

Add EarMix 16M personal monitor mixers to give your musicians their own customizable 16-channel monitor mixes

Network multiple StudioLive Series III mixers

Route audio to and from any device on the AVB network, thanks to the flexibility of digital patching

Multichannel Recording

Record 34 tracks (32 channels plus a stereo mix) without a computer via the onboard SD-card recorder

Stream up to 128 channels (64 in, 64 out) of audio to a Mac or Windows computer via USB 2.0

Record to SD card or via USB or both simultaneously for safe, redundant live recording

Record with PreSonus Capture, PreSonus Studio One, or any recording software that supports ASIO or Core Audio

DAW Control

Advanced Studio One control integration

MCU emulation mode optimized for Logic Pro

HUI emulation mode optimized for Pro Tools

Complete Software Bundle

UC Surface touch-control for Mac, Windows, and iPad

Capture recording app with virtual soundcheck for Mac and Windows

Studio One Artist DAW for recording, mixing, mastering, sharing, and collaborating on Mac and Windows

QMix-UC personal monitor mix control for iPhone, iPod touch, and Android


Mac OS 10.8.5 or Later

Windows 7 Windows 8.1 Windows 10

iOS10 or Later

Android 5.0 or Later

Special Order Item; Shipping Quote Needed

PreSonus StudioLive 32SC

  • Presonus Studiolive 32SC
  • 32-channel digital mixer and USB audio interface
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