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The Prism Sound Dream ADA-128 is a modular analog and digital I/O system capable of supporting up to 128 channels in a 2U encloser.


Over the past five years Prism Sound has been developing a new innovative architecture. Defining a new standard in conversion technology, from early conversations with key partners through to prototype testing every step of the journey has been a defining moment in this revolutionary new unit.


The Dream ADA-128 is the latest in the acclaimed range of Prism Sound ‘Dream’ A/D and D/A converters which have become widely regarded as the world’s best sounding converters. Whilst continuing the tried and trusted ‘no compromise’ design philosophy of previous ‘Dream’ products, the Dream ADA-128 adds new flexibility, functionality and greater cost-effectiveness.


The Dream ADA-128 is not just a conversion system, but a high-performance networkable audio distribution and processing system which meets the most exacting requirements of a recording studio through to a film sound stage.

The Features

Modular analog and digital I/O up to 128 channels in a 2U frame with 8 channel line / Out and Mic/Line cards

QCLOCK:The ADA-128 provides independent synchronization of I/O cards, enabling operation with up to four different clock domains

A.D.R.A.: The ADA-128 offers accurate, ultra detailed A/D and D/A conversion providing complete focus of sound to ensure you're not distracted by colouration while allowing every nuance of a performance to be heard.

Digital freedom: With 4 modular host slots alongside 16 modular I/O slots, the Dream ADA128 offers unrivaled and almost unlimited flexibility


Prism Sound ADA-128 AD/DA Modular System Chassis

$7,799.00 Regular Price
$5,849.00Sale Price
  • Prism Sound ADA-128
  • High-Quality Modular Audio Conversion System
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