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The OctaMic II from RME is an 8 channel microphone/line preamplifier that also provides pristine analog-to-digital conversion of all channels. Low distortion, excellent signal-to-noise ration and highly linear frequency response all contribute to the ability of the unit to transmit and amplify an accurate representation of the source.

The analog-to-digital converter delivers 8 channels of pristine digital output, available as double ADAT output (S/MUX up to 96kHz) and simultaneously as 4 AES outputs (up to 192kHz) via a DB-25 connector. The converter can be clocked internally as a master, or externally via word clock and AES sync, while SteadyClock technology ensures the very best sound quality even with a jittery external clock.

8-channel microphone/line preamp with 8-channels of analog-to-digital conversionLow distortion with linear frequency response provides clear and transparent preamplificationEach channel features a gain control along with switches for enabling phantom power, a high-pass filter and phase reverse.

Per channel LEDs indicate phantom power status, signal presence and a clip indicator. When activated, a "Clip Hold" button prompts any corresponding clip LED to flash once a second when an overload is detected on that particular channel
-8, short-circuit protected, low-impedance and servo-balanced line outputs can have their reference level changed simultaneously, via a front panel switch, to aid in maintaining optimum output levels.


The 8-channel analog-to-digital conversion operates at up to 192kHz. Digital output is available simultaneously at the two ADAT outputs, allowing for S/MUX operation up to 96kHz, and at a DB-25 connector delivering 4 AES/EBU outputs, up to 192kHz. Analog outputs and both digital outputs operate simultaneously. SteadyClock ensures near perfect conversion by almost completely removing jitter on any external sync source.

RME OctaMic II

  • RME OctaMic II
  • 8-Channel Mic/Line Pre with ADC
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