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The 500 Series CHIMERA Opto Compressor from Serpent Audio features a discrete circuit design, Orange Drop and Elna capacitors, full steel enclosure and cover, class AB transistor output, true T4B optical cell, and transformer balanced input and output.


The Features
Discrete transistor design
Transformer balanced input and output
User replaceable/upgradable true T4B optical cell
Cinemag input transformer
Full steel enclosure and cover
Custom wound interstage and output transformers
Infamous "Mod" incorporated for increasing signal to noise ratio
Hard bypass (relay controlled)
Stereo linkable
HF Sidechain boost (for De-Essing)
Compress/Limit Mode: Sealed Pots
Sifam VU meter
VPR compliant (100mA total power consumption)
Made in the USA

Serpent Audio CHIMERA Opto Compressor

  • Serpent Audio Chimera
  • 500 Series Opto Compressor
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