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The SB4001 500 Series Stereo Bus Compressor from Serpent Audio is a quad VCA based compressor, and can be used for either stereo or mono applications. It can be used for gain reduction and is suitable for a number of signal types and musical applications.


This stereo compressor has six Ratios, ten Attack Times, High Pass/Boost/Slope Sidechain Filters, Wet/Dry Blend Control, External (Key) Input, Classic Stepped Release Settings, Classic and Alternate Auto Release, Variable Release Control, and "Grind" Mode (a valve style harmonic drive adding vintage color).


The Features
Electronically balanced
True bypass (relay controlled)
Protection from 48V phantom power
Powder-coated front panel for extra durability
All handmade through-hole main audio path
Wet/Dry blend (for parallel processing)
External/Key input accepts balanced or unbalanced inputs
Premium Grayhill rotary switches
Sealed pots
All machined aluminum knobs

Serpent Audio SB4001 Stereo Bus Compressor 500 Series

  • Serpent Audio SB4001
  • 500 Series Stereo Bus Compressor
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