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The 500 Series Module Splice MKII Fet Compressor from Serpent Audio recreates the circuitry and sound of not one, but two classic FET compressors. The Splice-500 mode switching allows you to switch between the classic Blackface and vintage Bluestripe circuits at the push of a button.


In addition, the Splice-500 can also mix and match the two for entirely new sounds that can only be found with the Splice i.e. Blue Input Circuitry + Black Output Circuitry for Blueface mode or Black Input Circuitry + Blue Output Circuitry for Blackstripe mode.


Four Compressor circuits in one box
Input Circuit Black + Output Circuit Black = Classic Blackface Mode

Input Blue + Output Blue = Classic Bluestripe Mode

Input Blue + Output Black = Blueface Mode (Unique to the Splice)

Input Black + Output Blue = Blackstripe Mode (Unique to the Splice)


The Features

Stereo Linkable with front panel switch
All Buttons In / Slam Mode front panel switch
Integrated Mix/Blend Control with switchable bypassing for in-the-box parallel processing
Integrated sidechain high pass filter
Selectable 600R output loading allows the user to easily optimize the Splice for use with both vintage and modern equipment
LED gain reduction meter

Serpent Audio Splice MKII Fet Compressor 500 Series

  • Serpent Audio Splice-MkII-500-Series
  • 500 Series Fet Compressor
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