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The Crescendo is an 8-channel microphone preamplifier that works with an internal operating voltage of 120V, breaking totally new ground. With such a wide dynamic range and high overload resistance, the entire dynamic range of the microphone can be recorded without any limitations. The preamplification electronics themselves have no effect on the sound and you can rediscover the sound of your microphones with absolute signal fidelity and clarity.

VU -10

In the Crescendo, high gains can be used to optimally drive subsequent AD converters. Should the VU meter therefore deflect too far, you can reduce the displayed level by 10 dB.

48 V

The phantom power required for the use of condenser microphones is activated with the 48V switch.


Turn the polarity of a microphone signal 180-degrees by activating the polarity reversal switch.


For loud input signals (including line signals) the input sensitivity can be reduced by 20 dB.

Mic Gain

The gain is adjusted by a 12-step switch. The pre-amplification ranges from +18 dB to +70 dB.

Inputs 1 – 8

The input differential amplifiers are constructed with pairs of transistors, each of which is combined in a housing. Precise matching of the transistors and thermal coupling ensure high common-mode rejection and extremely low THD values. The choice of transistors and resistors has a decisive influence on the sound, and Crescendo has been optimized with the ideal components.

Outputs 1 – 8

SPL's 120V SUPRA operational amplifiers work as current amplifiers, which offers pure class A operation with over 6mA quiescent current. SPL largely dispense with coupling capacitors in order to avoid their sonic disadvantages (diffuse, sloping, loss of dynamics). In order to eliminate DC voltage components nevertheless, active servo circuits are used.

Alternate DB25 Output

For fast cabling to multi-channel converters, Crescendo offers DB25 connection.

SPL Crescendo 1770 8-Channel Microphone Preamplifier

  • SPL Crescendo 1770 8-Channel Microphone
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