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The Volume 2 Two Channel Volume Controller from SPL is a straight-forward volume control designed to be a cost-effective alternative to SPL's full featured VC units. With minimized features, this volume control unit is dedicated solely to accurate level control.

The Volume 2 model is intended for stereo applications, while the Volume 8 can control up to eight channels. Both devices are designed with active circuitry to circumvent the inevitable disadvantages of passive circuitry that result in impedance variation and therefore degraded linearity in frequency response.


A majority of D/A converters and sound cards provide nothing in the way of analog level monitoring control, and this means the necessity of varying signal levels at the converter outputs. The result is a lowered bit rate in the monitoring signal, which leads to commensurate loss of audio quality. So, the Volume 2 gives the DAW owner the opportunity to listen through an analog-based monitor playback device to hear the sounds in the DAW, as they are, and without signal degradation.

A further, application area is in the construction of a straight playback chain, where the Volume 2 is situated between the playback machine and either power amp and speakers or simply active speaker systems. In such cases, the playback machine must offer analog outputs. This provides for minimal financial and electronic efforts through the most direct possible playback path.

Common AV receivers employ VCA and DAC components which tend to produce more distortions, or the signal runs through further AD/DA converters for the volume control. Thus especially with SACD or DVD-A sources, only a high-quality analog, direct control of the source output ensures an unimpaired playback of the original information.


The Volume 2 is built only with analog circuitry. It includes a large, 1.78-inch diameter graded, aluminum-clad potentiometer, offering more exact setting positioning, and an illuminated passive mute switch from ALPS. Input and outputs are over XLRs, and the power is supplied with a toroidal transformer. The more compact format housing allows for flexible desktop positioning near or below a computer monitor, and fits where other, larger format monitoring devices,might not.

As far as unbalanced connections, you can establish these easily and without adaptors - for example from CD-Players with RCA outputs or to (HiFi) power amplifiers with RCA inputs. In any case we recommend to use readily configured cables from XLR to the respective RCA or TS/TRS connector to dispense with adaptors. Ask your dealer for configured cables. It is important to pay attention to the correct polarity of the three XLR wires. With the XLR pin configuration diagram in our manuals any audio expert can ensure to select or configure appropriate cables.

The Features

Larger format volume potentiometer for more smooth and precise adjustment

Illuminated passive mute switch

Balancing stages with common mode rejection which minimizes interference and disturbance in the signal path

Mute switch allows for very fast reaction times in cases where loud speakers or ears should be protected

Users of analog summing without monitoring facilities can cost effectively improve their systems


SPL Volume 2 Two Channel Volume Controller

  • SPL Volume2 Two Channel Volume Controller
  • The Volume2 Two Channel Volume Controller from SPL is a straight-forward volume control designed to be a cost-effective alternative to SPL's full featured VC units.
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