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Strauss Elektroakustik's speaker stand for SE-NF-3


Why choose passive SE MASTERING STUDIO MONITORS in these days of active loudspeakers with analog or digital controllers?

Precision mechanics cannot be replaced by electronics.

High-quality passive filtering outmatches the performance of active-analog control.

The optimization of group delay time is achieved without active-digital control.

Power amplifiers can only be compared by means of passive transducers.

Innovations in amplifier and controller construction can be incorporated into monitoring systems where passive transducers are used.

The solid dimensioning of their electrical and mechanical elements guarantees acoustic reliability and sustained quality.


To meet the highest demands of professional users, the design of SE Mastering Studio Monitors has been based on a combination of traditional tried and true elements fused with innovative technology. Oriented on the physical ideal of the point source, these passive two-way monitors have been developed for medium and short listening distances

Strauss Elektroakustik Stand for NF-3 Mastering Monitor

  • Strauss Elektroakustik Stand for NF-3
  • Stand for NF-3 Mastering Monitor
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